Endless Flight

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guide through the cave and dodge the obstacles!
this is my first serious game to submit to newgrounds and i get alot of good feedback from total strangers :) so i think this should go well. this is for the games of gondor challange:
music by adam berry, its pretty sweet!

quit saying i ripped off helicopter!he didnt even think of this, its been around forever! and your all saying this when the longest yards comes out and totally rocks. dont base this on originallity, base it on how fun it is, and how much effort you think i put into this.

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All you did was take the concept from Helicopter, thats weak man.

GeoKureli responds:

but still,i drew these, i coded this.i didnt copy and paste images from the helicoptor game, and i had no help with progrqamming it, which by the way is done totally different than the original.


its not a copy of helicopter, hes right it has been around for ages, i have cave2 on my fone thats been around b4 helicopter and it owns helicopter, so does this one, too many people are basic minded that if u make an animation everything else only a bit like it wud be a copy of it, well done and i cant wait for the sequal :P


That was deffinitely the best version of that game I've ever played. There's still things to make it better though. What if you added powerups? Now that would be awesome, giving you like 3 missiles so you can shoot like three stalagtites or stalagmites, super speed or super slowness, bombs which clear an area, and then you could add enemies too! Good job, you should add my ideas; that'd be pretty sweet.

GeoKureli responds:

in the next version, there will be power-ups, enemies, and you can spit fire,but it wont be used against the ceiling/floor. but only to get rid of the enemies. and thx :D

Too simple!

You should have submitted this one for the minigame challenge.no save and load,no highscore table,no power ups...
While typing this review,I get more and more score.There was a glich at the beginning,I entered the floor without dying,thank to this bug,I have got a score of 65310 and it is still inscreasing...I would LOVE a highscore table,so I can get the first place :D
P.S:I gave 5 humour because the bug is funny <33

GeoKureli responds:

wow your cool, you can cheat. this is exactly why dont have a highscore table because fucks like you find things like this to ruin it. who the hell would brag about how they can cheat

Good, although could be a little improved

I think that if you created a little something for when the dragon crashes into objects, this game would be perfect. The gameplay is smooth, and the animations (the few of them) nice. Biggest problem is that it's not alaways possible to get the dragon to rise or fall fast enough to avoid the floating bricks.

The music was good, and not all too disturbing.

The only critism I have is that it's a tad hard to distringuish the background from the rock as you fly through the passage.

As for those who claim you've ripped it off from somewhere else, I've seen huge sites create their own version of this game, and not recieve any warning for it. I don't see why it's a problem that it's not a brand new game, as games such as Araknoid exists in a multitude of versions that are all nearly identical. As for this game, it's one that I will continuously return to. :)

I got a score of 623, and still trying to improve.

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3.15 / 5.00

May 30, 2005
1:56 PM EDT
Action - Other